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BioEnergetics primary component of its MitoRCI research platform is the Seahorse Bioscience Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzer, which measures energy utilization in isolated mitochondria, living cells and tissues, simultaneously quantifying mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in real time.


Mitochondria Function Profile














Basal oxygen consumption is a measure of mitochondrial ATP turnover.


Oligomycin a specific mitochondrial ATP synthase inhibitor. The drop in respiration demonstrates the percentage of respiration that is used to generate ATP in the mitochondria.


FCCP uncouples mitochondria respiration from mitochondrial ATP synthesis to determine maximal oxygen consumption rate (OCR).


Spare respiratory capacity is calculated by subtracting basal OCR from maximal OCR.


Antimycin A an inhibitor of complex III of the Electron transport chain (ETC) is to determine the amount of non-mitochondrial respiration.



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Seahorse Bioscience XF96 flux analyzer work stations
Mitochondrial respirometry stress test
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